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Nathans doodily-doo


Nathans doodily-doo

Wants The Number Of The Devil

Customer: *leering* “I need $15 worth of [Cell Company] minutes and your phone number, sweetness.”

Me: *pretending I didn’t hear the last part* “$15 of [Cell Company] minutes. Okay.”

Customer: *smirking* “And your phone number.”

Me: *curtly* “Not happening. I have a boyfriend.” *prints the slip* “It’s $15.50.”

Customer: *pays in exact change* “So, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?”

Me: *deadpan* “What are you talking about? I clawed my way up from Hell.”

(He quickly left and hasn’t asked for my number since.)

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“It’s that horrible dream. 
The only way for me to get girls is to.. ugh.. 
Go down on them.”

Going Downklok — Metalocalypse (4x09)


Charles knows what the fucks up!


Dethklok - Crush the Industry


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I thought this, too


I thought this, too


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Metalocalypse fans…


Just want to take a minute to say how much I love every single one of you, even if we’ve never spoken! We’re a small but powerful bunch and I’m happy to be included amongst you little goofball dildos! And I mean that in the most metal and brutal way, of course. >.> 💗