Metal Kittycats
Jon Schnepp’s New Project

From Jon himself:

I wanted to give you a heads up about a project I’m launching with titmouse and zenescope entertainment tomorrow. I’m going to be directing an animated anthology series adaptation of the Grimm Fairy Tales comic books. I’m going to make it like the heavy metal movie, with tons of different animation styles for each Grimm story, totally badass, gore filled, and sexy as hell, The best part is we are going to raise the money to make it through people who would want to see it, so we are funding it via the kickstarter program. Can you help spread the word to all your deviant art friends, as well as post about it on the dethklok boards. It would mean a lot to me, since I know fans of Metalocalypse will appreciate what I’m trying to do, and possibly help.


Below is the link to the kickstarter page.

Me, I love fairy tales!  Wish I could donate.  But I thought I’d pass on the word for those who would love to be in animation, if only a little bit!